Powell asks for more time

Date: 31st March 2013

Jamaican superstar Asafa Powell has asked organisers of the Australia Post Stawell Gift for more time before he can confirm his place in the semi-finals of Monday’s prestigious $40,000 footrace.

Travelling coach Aundre Edwards said the 30-year-old wanted to give his hamstring tightness, which he suffered before Saturday’s heats, every opportunity to dissipate.

“If the decision was made at 10.00am this morning we would have ruled him out. However, following treatment today we feel there has been some improvement,” Edwards said.

On whether the three-time Olympic finalist will take his place on the start line in the sixth and final semi-final, Edwards could not confirm. “We are unsure, but he does not want to disappoint his fans.”

Powell only qualified for the semi-finals as one of the 20 fastest non-winning heat times but despite the leg problems he recorded 12.32s, one of the fastest ever times clocked at Central Park from the scratch mark.

Spokesman for the Stawell Athletics Club David Culbert said “In a perfect world we would have preferred to be in a position to rule him in or out.”

Still, Culbert remained optimistic. “We didn’t think he would run Saturday and he did. Whether he runs tomorrow we simply don’t know. But he’s asked for extra time and the club believes it’s worth the wait just in case.”

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