Date: 18th February 2016

Elite Sports Massage Australia shares with us five key tips to a day of successful running including physical and mental preparation, warming up and cooling down techniques.

1. Prepare early

Preparation is the key to anything. The pros will have the same routine before they race and it starts well before they get to the running track. Most of it is mental and knowing that you are right to run the run of your life. Find a routine and see what works for you to get the best out of yourself. Tweak things along the way to see what works for you and what doesn’t- both mentally and physically.

2. Warming up

Everyone knows how to warm up but at times we forget the basic stuff. It’s important in running that you put your body through the same range of motion movements that you are doing in your race. Take longer strides at a low intensity when warming up. This will help you stretch your muscles and therefore prevent you over stretching when racing and straining a muscle. 

3. Warming down

This is generally the process that is often forgotten when competing. You will find if you do a gentle jog over distance, shake the legs out you will be releasing some of the lactic acid build up from the 200 metre sprint you just completed. This will aid the process of yours legs recovering before your next event. Some athletes are worried that they will use too much energy by warming down especially if you have another event that day. WRONG! You will actually feel more refreshed and your legs will feel just as light as you did before your event.

4. Train the way you compete

ESMA are big believers that your race is already won or lost in the way you prepare. There is an old saying, ‘train the way you play’. If you aren’t putting in the hard yards at training, it will be harder to perform your best on race day. Your body gets used to good habits very quickly and unfortunately your body gets use to bad habits a lot easier. Always put in your best efforts in the way you train, it will hold your body and your mindset in good stead for competition day. 

5. Seek advice for treatment

If you are feeling tired, sore or have upcoming events, don’t wait until you feel something tighten up. Seek treatment throughout the event so it doesn’t become a problem. Be proactive and not reactive.

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