Record breaking Ebony goes from strength to strength

Date: 9th February 2021

Fresh from a Victorian record for the fastest 100 yards, Powercor Stawell Gift finalist Ebony Lane says she is the healthiest physically and mentally she has ever been.

Ebony’s first trip to Stawell was five years ago in 2016 when she began to understand the joys of competing at an iconic event.

“It really opened my eyes up to the reason and excitement behind the sport of athletics. The whole year of training and competing came down to this moment for each individual athlete. It was a whole new ball game that I had never experienced in my athletics career.

“I remember making the semi-final of the Women’s 120 metre Gift and being so excited with that achievement. Since then, I have made two Women’s Gift finals and two Women’s 70m finals (both in 2018 and 2019) at Stawell.” 

Ebony carried on her routine of working and training throughout 2020 despite being unable to meet with her coach and club team members.

“I was quite fortunate to not be affected too much during lockdown. I was working in childcare five days a week which really kept me motivated to treat every day like a normal day of both working and training. Not being around my coach and squad meant it was hard to know how my training was going but I used this as a personal growth opportunity. I focused on becoming mentally healthy and really finding the reason behind not only training hard but setting goals, eating well, thinking positive and celebrating the small successes.

“I am now the healthiest I have ever been physically, mentally and everything in between,” said Ebony proudly.

Winning the Rye Women’s Gift in 2017 is a personal highlight for Ebony who remembers fondly racing in the Little Athletics Gift at Rye as a youngster. “I have a photo of me on the podium back in under 13s which is a great memory to hold onto.”

The 2020 Ballarat Women’s Gift champion will not be defending her title this weekend as she is heading to Canberra for the ACT State Championships and the chance to compete at the renowned AIS track.

“Ballarat Women’s Gift was a massive win for me last year as well as coming away with the fastest women’s raw time across the weekend. I wish everyone the very best for this year’s meeting,” said Ebony ahead of the 2021 Ballarat Gift on February 13 and 14.

“I recently won myself another Frankston 70m Women’s Gift sash making two wins at my local competition. On the track I have placed top three in the Open Victorian Championships in the 2020 Women’s 100m final.

With the record breaking 100 yards at Geelong in 10.59 seconds and many PB’s along the way, Ebony says everything looks positive for the future.

“It’s only up from this moment in time. Each race I surprise myself. My training is going extremely well, and I am the healthiest I have ever been. I am ready to see where the next few years takes me.”

Ebony trains with Pride Performance and her coach is Matt Carter. “We are based on the Mornington Peninsula. I wouldn’t want to train with anyone else, my squad is awesome. 

“I have just changed careers and I am now working as a personal trainer where I am looking to eventually start my own business and help others reach their fitness goals.” 

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