Queensland sprint sensation Torrie Lewis to compete at Powercor Stawell Gift

Date: 17th March 2022

Torrie Lewis, Australia’s Number 1 female junior athlete, is looking forward to competing in the Change Our Game Women’s Gift at Easter.

The 17-year-old school student from Brisbane is not only having a fantastic season on the track but enjoys mixing it up with professional runners on the circuit too.

“This season is progressing really well for me so far and I do hope to keep it going. In the near future I hope to represent Australia at the World Under 20 Championships in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m and I also hope to be considered in the senior relay team or maybe even an individual spot for next year’s World Championships,” said Torrie. 

Torrie’s coach is former 100m champion Gerrard Keating who moved from Newcastle to the Sunshine State such was his confidence in her ability and future in athletics.   

“Torrie’s development and performances haven’t surprised me this year. I have believed from day one that she can eventually reach the highest level of the sport. With her it’s like a jigsaw puzzle. We keep adding pieces to the puzzle regarding her development,” said Gerrard.

The teenager has proved herself in Open races but for now Team Torrie’s strategy is to conquer the Juniors.

“This year we have decided to focus on the World Junior Championships. Unfortunately, Commonwealth Games and World Juniors are on at the same time so we made the decision to push forward with the latter,” explained Gerrard, who firmly believes Torrie can challenge strongly for medals in both the 100m and 200m. 

“Next year we are looking at World Senior Championships in both the 100m and 200m, then 2024 Paris.”

Torrie loves the history of the Powercor Stawell Gift. “I’ve been to Stawell once before and I really enjoyed the Museum and seeing all the past winners and all the memorabilia, so I think that’s one of the best parts of running there. Being a part of such a rich history is really exciting.”

And history buff Gerrard agrees.  “I love the history of Stawell and the positive effect it had on Torrie in 2019 as a 14-year-old. I believe what Stawell can do for her overall development is priceless. She really embraced it in 2019. And she will again.  She now knows what Stawell is. The history of Stawell and what comes with that. She loves it.

“I love Torrie racing in the pros. She is learning to race under pressure before the gun even sets them off.  As a backmarker she has to be relaxed and her mind clear because she is behind before she starts running. 

“It teaches many lessons which help her in the amateur competitions. I think all our top sprinters should race some pro competitions.

 “The other thing I love is the different stables and the comradery among them. Torrie has made some great friends through this (competing in Gifts). She may never have had the chance to meet so many athletes and coaches if not for the pro races she has done. She loves it and we will keep doing them for sure.” 

Torrie has a bright future ahead of her there is no doubt. “I was excited to hear the announcement that the Commonwealth Games track and field will be in Ballarat and as that’s where my coach grew up, that would be really amazing to compete in.”

But for now, when Torrie’s not training or competing, she enjoys “just doing the normal things like going to the beach, hanging out with my friends and I like animals a lot as well.” 





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