New Chair of Stawell Gift Event Management, Murray Emerson, sees local attendance as vital for the event and the region

Date: 27th January 2023

Northern Grampians Shire Councillor and former Mayor of Stawell Murray Emerson has been appointed Chair of SGEM, the management committee behind the staging of the 2023 Powercor Stawell Gift.

Murray has been attending the Easter carnival for over 40 years and he has a vision to “get the local community back to the Stawell Gift.”

“As Chair I along with my fellow Board members will be working on sustaining the Stawell Gift into the future,” he said. “The Stawell Gift is an iconic international event which has been going for over 140 years. It has history and it brings people together and back to Stawell.”

Murray’s mission is to build on the event as one which the community will continue to support and be proud of.

“The Stawell Gift is the life blood for the Stawell and surrounding communities.  Along with the financial sustainability of numerous businesses it is also an opportunity for fun, laughter, and enjoyment. It brings excitement to the region and continues to put our region on the map as a place to visit, stay, enjoy and invest.”

Murray explained that part of bigger and better activities for visitors to this year’s Powercor Stawell Gift includes a newly named ‘Fashions at Central Park’, and an expanded Family Day on Easter Sunday with entertainment, carnival rides and kid friendly ambassadors. 

“The Sash Club (for all previous sash winners) is going ahead in leaps and bounds. We are increasing the size of the marque area to bring more VIP’s and dignitaries together.  Of course, the Council adds to the atmosphere by having a Main St extravaganza, the Rodeo, the Stawell Races, and the Carnival in the Park. A harness racing meeting is new this year on Good Friday.

“The Stawell Gift gets in your blood and cannot be removed.  Excitement, enjoyment, sensational racing, entertainment and the grand final of professional foot racing. It’s ours, we love it, and it’s part of our life.”

Stawell Gift Event Management members:

Murray Emerson – Chair, Member appointed Northern Grampians Shire Council (NGSC)

Justine Kingan – Member appointed NGSC

Chris Brown – Member appointed Victorian Athletic League (VAL)

Katie Moore – Member appointed VAL

Graeme Humphrey – Member appointed Stawell Athletic Club (SAC)

Robert Irvine OAM – Member appointed SAC

Wendy Hopwood – Member appointed SAC

Liana Thomson – Independent

Susan Wolff – Independent

Neil Brennan – Independent

Kerry Harris – Executive Officer


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