Ruby Crisp in form for the Lorraine Donnan 400m

Date: 2nd April 2023

Ruby Crisp in form for the Lorraine Donnan 400m

With back-to-back wins at Frankston and Wangaratta and several podium finishes this season, Ruby Crisp is tipped to be in the mix for the SYPAQ Lorraine Donnan Womens Handicap 400m at Stawell on Monday.

This season so far has been my best one yet!” said Ruby, who has entered the Women’s 800m, 400m and 70m at Stawell. “I am hoping to make the final of the 400m Women’s if possible and I think with my mark of 36m I am in a good position. 

“I am trusting the process and relying on my training, but it won’t be easy with the calibre of girls coming through this season. Whatever happens, I will be content with this season and look forward to the next. 

Ruby started in the Little Athletics competitions at Stawell in 2016 and loved it so much she joined the senior competition in 2018 and won the Women’s Handicap 800m final that year.

  Making a final at Stawell is something so special, it shows you that all the hard work you put in throughout the season is for a purpose. Winning another sash in a different distance at Stawell would be incredible and while I know it will be far from easy, I hope that I am able to put all my training into play and be successful.” 

 Ruby trains with Team Fiedler at Proclamation Park in Ringwood. “There is such a great dynamic within the group now, particularly coming into the business end of the season. The support that we provide to each other is what makes each training and competition day so much more rewarding. My squad and coach Nick Fiedler have believed in me and helped me to enjoy the sport again after a few tough seasons.

 “My teammates, particularly Bella Antonino and Katie Moore, have been huge influences this season, helping me be the best version of myself. Bella is one of my good friends, having her as a teammate has made all the difference this season; she has encouraged me in every way, every day and motivates me to train and compete at my best. Katie has guided me and been a great role model for me in athletics since I joined the team five years ago.

“My coach Nick Fiedler has been instrumental to my performances this season. We decided that I would transition to more 120s and 400s events as opposed to my usual 800m, and while this shift was quite daunting in the beginning, Nick was supportive and helped me to trust the process of my training and enjoy the highs of winning and doing well. I hope the whole squad does well at Stawell and we get the opportunity to show our hard work on the big stage. 

 “My family additionally plays a huge factor as they are the reason I started running. I am eternally grateful to my parents for introducing me to this sport 10 years ago. They taught me to keep showing up each week knowing things will fall into place eventually. 

Everyone who steps onto the track has an equal chance of winning on the day. There have been some amazing performances this season from many athletes, which shows how much depth we have in mid distance sprinting currently. All the women have had such amazing seasons so far, but the performances that have stood out to me most are from Danielle McDowell, Hannah Lindstrom, Halle Martin and Olivia Goder. In saying that it all comes down to how you prepare, it is anyone’s race to win and I will be ecstatic for whoever that may be.”

The 20-year-old is living in Heathmont and in her final year of a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at Deakin University. “When I am not studying or training, I work as a bartender.

I’m hoping to do well at the Uni Nationals which are running two weeks post-Stawell. Overall though I am excited for what is next for me and my running; I’m turning my focus to the next pre-season to become a stronger athlete and I’m hoping to try my hand at sprinting for a second season. 

“I cannot wait for what’s to come and I hope that one day I am able to progress in my career so I can be of service to others in their athletic journeys.”

Photo courtesy of Neil Jameson, Jamesons Photography


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