An Update on Bookmakers and Wagering at the 2024 Powercor Stawell Gift

Date: 29th February 2024

In line with Victoria Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) policy on a ban on betting on all under-19 sports competitions, Stawell Gift Event Management Limited (SGEM) advises spectators and athletes that wagering will not be conducted at the 2024 Powercor Stawell Gift carnival.

While the attendance of bookmakers has been a mainstay of the Powercor Stawell Gift Carnival, SGEM respects the position of the VGCCC and is committed to the welfare of Under-19 athletes. Bookmakers will not be on-site at the 2024 carnival.

“While we acknowledge that many athletes participating at Stawell are indeed aged over 19 years, many of our athletes, particularly those in our feature sprint events, are under the age of 19. In fact, teenagers are the defending champions in both the Powercor Stawell Gift and Strickland Family Women’s Gift in 2024”, said SGEM Chair, Murray Emerson.

“We are committed to the integrity of the event and the welfare of our participants and spectators. This decision has been made with these priorities in mind”.

The 2024 Powercor Stawell Gift carnival will take place from Saturday March 30 – Monday April 1, 2024. Tickets are on-sale at Ticketek. For those unable to attend, all three days of the carnival will be livestreamed on 7Plus, with Easter Monday finals live and free on Seven Sport.


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