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An Update on Bookmakers and Wagering at the 2024 Powercor Stawell Gift

In line with Victoria Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) policy on a ban on betting on all under-19 sports competitions, Stawell Gift Event Management Limited (SGEM) advises spectators and athletes that wagering will not be conducted at the 2024 Powercor Stawell Gift carnival. While the attendance of bookmakers has

Rising Star Cooper Sherman Takes Pro Running Scene by Storm

A rising star in Australian athletics, Ballarat’s Cooper Sherman has also emerged as a standout figure in professional running circles this season, with his recent triumph on home turf marking a significant milestone in his burgeoning career. Following several notable performances in regional Gifts, Cooper’s victory at the Ballarat Gift

STAWELL GIFT VETERAN REMEMBERS – by 1964 winner Noel Hussey

Former editor of the Shepparton News, 1964 Stawell Gift winner Noel Hussey writes about his victory 60 years ago. Sixty years ago, Noel Hussey wasn’t going to Stawell, it was the Wednesday before Easter and the 21-year-old cadet journalist had just run a trial over the Stawell Gift distance of

MattyB DEPT gears up for another Easter in Stawell

The renowned MattyB DEPT squad from Canberra is eagerly gearing up for their annual pilgrimage to the Powercor Stawell Gift at Easter. With a team of approximately 10 athletes, the squad is buzzing with anticipation for their trip south. A highlight of their Stawell experience is the eagerly anticipated Kids

Team Ireland has at least two eyes on the prize

Optimism is running high at the Team Ireland Track Squad for a standout performance from at least two of the squad, despite coach Todd’s perennial mantra that “whatever will be, will be.”  Todd believes his squad has two good chances of making the final in the Powercor Stawell Gift this