“Newy Runners” squad heading to Stawell on their way to Nationals

According to coach Tim Eschebach who is travelling with his group of five athletes from Newcastle to Stawell next weekend; “The main aim for the squad is to get some hard racing in 10 days from Nationals, to enjoy the atmosphere of Stawell and hopefully win a sash!” “We are

Kimberley Parkes: Reflections on Winning the Stawell Gift 30 Years Ago

The Pinnacle of Pro Running For Kimberley Parkes (now Coppola), winning the Stawell Gift in 1994 remains a deeply personal triumph. As a young athlete navigating the pro running scene, she was no stranger to the hushed murmurs that elevated the Stawell Gift to its revered status. “Growing up on

Contenders Emerge as 2024 Powercor Stawell Gift Handicaps Announced 

Handicaps for nearly 900 athletes competing in 27 events over the 2024 Powercor Stawell Gift Easter weekend have been declared by the Victorian Athletic League. The 142nd edition of Australia’s richest footrace will be held at Central Park, Stawell from Saturday March 30 to Monday April 1. Last year’s winners

50 Years On: Peter Durham Reflects on Historic 1974 Stawell Gift Victory

In what can only be described as a remarkable feat, Peter Durham has attended every Stawell Gift since 1972, establishing a legacy that predates his own triumphant victory at the event 50 years ago in 1974. In this vivid recollection, Peter revisits the pivotal moments of his historic win, offering

20 Year Anniversary Win: Rebecca Foster’s Achievement

Bec Foster is a walking (or running) example of going for gold in everything she does. Two decades ago, at the age of 33, Rebecca won the Strickland Family Womens Gift. Three months ago, she gave birth to Amelia, “my little angel and blessing” at the age of 53. In