About the Powercor Stawell Gift

The Powercor Stawell Gift has been held in all but five years since 1878, and is one of the world’s most famous and prestigious foot races. Run on grass, athletes are handicapped according to form and ability, and start off varying marks accordingly. Runners race for glory and prize money with many more dollars working their way through the bookies ring. The main race is the Powercor Stawell Gift which is run over 120m up a slight gradient, and the final is traditionally held on Easter Monday.

Unlike the World Championships or Olympic Games which are conducted on synthetic rubber surfaces, the Powercor Stawell Gift is run on a grass track. For the majority of the year, Central Park in the regional town of Stawell is home to local AFL football and cricket, but at Easter time it transforms into an athletics mecca. For the sprint events, the athletes run in lanes that are separated by lane ropes, not painted lines. The famous finish gates are one of the most iconic features of the Gift.

Event Organisers






The Powercor Stawell Gift is managed and organised by Stawell Gift Event Management Ltd and Stawell Athletic Club, the majority of whom are volunteers and have enjoyed a long term involvement with the Gift. Click here to download a copy of the Constitution of the Stawell Athletic Club.


Stawell Gift Event Management and the Stawell Athletic Club is supported by 360 Sport + Entertainment, engaged to manage media, marketing, broadcast, event coordination and sponsorship activities on behalf of the Club and the Powercor Stawell Gift.


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The Victorian Athletic League is the governing body of professional foot running in Victoria.