Warren Edmonson

A record of world sprint championships during the years 1974-79 speak for themselves, when the American sprinter thrilled crowds across the world.

His win in the 1977 Stawell Gift was the second fastest ever recorded. Running from 1.25 metres, he clocked 12 seconds dead.

In the 1974 CUB world sprint championships, Edmonson took control by winning the 60, 100 and 120 metre events; Treva McGregor turning the tables in the 200 metres. The 1975 championships saw Edmonson take out two firsts and seconds, followed by his Gift win in 1977, together with first placings in the 60, 100 and 120 metres, and third in the 200 event. The SAC sponsored invitation 120 metre events in 78 and 79, when Edmonson gained first in 78, followed by third in 79.

Few  runners attracted so much enthusiasm in this era. He represented the USA at the Olympics and was USA national sprint champion in 1972 and world champion  in 1974. He turned professional in 1972 and was attracted to Australia and Stawell by John Toleman.

A true professional, he trained every day to keep in peak condition which enabled him to win in events from 50 to 500 metres.