Olympians and Elite Athletes

Many of Australia’s and the world’s best runners have graced the hallowed turf at Central Park, including:

Asafa PowellAsafa Powell (Former 100m record holder, world, commonwealth and olympic 100m & 200m champion)
Catherine Freeman (world and Olympic 400m champion)

Tamsyn Lewis (world indoor 800m champion)
Steve Hooker (world and Olympic pole vault champion)
Gary Honey (Olympic long jump silver medallist)
Jon Drummond (Olympic and world 4x100m gold medallist)
Jai Taurima (Olympic long jump silver medallist)
Obadele Thompson (Olympic 100m bronze medallist)
Linford Christie (Olympic and world 100m champion)
Kim Collins (world 100m champion)
Melinda Gainsford-Taylor (world indoor 200m champion)
Craig Mottram (world 5000m bronze medallist)
Sally Pearson (world 100m hurdles champion)
John Steffensen (Olympic 4x400m relay silver medallist)
Michael Frater (Olympic 4x100m relay gold medallist)
Kim Collins (world 100m champion)
Melissa Breen (dual olympian, national 100m record holder)

Lauren Wells (dual olympian semi finalist 400H, 3 times commonwealth 400H, 2016 Stawell Gift 400m champion)
Ella Nelson (2016 Rio Olympics 200m)
Morgan Mitchell (2016 Rio Olympics 400m semi finalist and 4x400m final )

Four Australian Olympians have won the Australia Post Stawell Gift:

1990 – Dean Capobianco (1992 & 1996 Olympics)
1991 – Steve Brimacombe (1996 Olympics)
1992 – Andrew McManus (2004 Olympics)
2003 and 2005 – Joshua Ross (2004 Olympics)

All won the Gift before going on to compete for Australia at the Olympic Games.