Acceptances and Scratchings

All runners must ‘accept’ prior to taking the start line. If you have decided to withdraw from an event, officials must be notified that you are a ‘scratching’ from that particular event.


The acceptance and scratching stewards are located in the secretary’s tent (ph: 5358 1326) located on the infield at Central Park.

Powercor Stawell Gift 120m & Strickland Family Women’s Gift 120m

Scratchings must be made in writing and delivered to the Club no late than 7:00pm on Friday, 29  March 2024 (Good Friday). Any runners who do not scratch from the Powercor Stawell Gift or Strickland Family Women’s Gift by this time will be regarded as accepted and running.

Jack Donaldson Handicap 200m

Runners must accept by 4:20pm on Easter Saturday. Heats will then be drawn and published for Easter Sunday. If you do not accept, you will be deemed to have scratched from the event.

All other events

Acceptances must be made at least 20 minutes before the first heat of the event in which your name appears in the official program. Failure to accept means that you will be withdrawn from the event and the starters and stewards will not allow any exceptions to this practice.