Draws 2020



Official Supporters Club Stawell Frontmarkers Handicap 1600m – FINAL

Stawell Gift Hall of Fame Backmarkers’s handicap 1600m – FINAL

Findex Women’s Handicap 800m – FINAL

Hipworth Athletic Club Under 20 Handicap 800m – FINAL

Little Athletics Handicap 800m – FINAL



OTR Women’s Handicap 70m – SEMI

Victory Restricted Handicap 1600m – FINAL

OTR Women’s Handicap 70m – FINAL

Stawell Times News Under 18 Boys Handicap 100m – FINAL

Skillinvest Under 18 Girls Handicap 100m – FINAL

Arthur Postle Handicap 70m – SEMI

Arthur Postle Handicap 70m – FINAL

Bill Howard Handicap 100m – SEMI

Past Runners Association Women’s and Masters’ Handicap 1600m – FINAL

Grampians Estate WH Earle Handicap 550m – FINAL



Intersport Restricted Handicap 400m – FINAL

Dulkeith Computer Solutions Hank Neil Masters’ 100m Handicap – SEMI

Stawell Athletic Club Jack Donaldson Handicap 200m – SEMI

Dulkeith Computer Solutions Hank Neil Masters Handicap 100m – FINAL

Stawell Athletic Club Herb Hedemann Invitation Handicap 1600m – FINAL

Strickland Family Women’s Gift – SEMI FINAL

Visit Grampians Stawell Gift 120m Handicap – SEMI FINAL

Bill McManus Backmarkers Handicap 400m – FINAL

Lorraine Donnan Women’s Handicap 400m – FINAL

Northern Grampians Shire Council Handicap 800m – FINAL

Strickland Family Women’s Gift – FINAL

Chris Perry Memorial Backmarkers’ Invitation Handicap 120m – FINAL

Visit Grampians Stawell Gift – FINAL

Halls Gap Zoo Grampians Handicap 3200m – FINAL

Stawell Athletic Jack Donaldson Handicap 200m – FINAL

Sertori and Co Masters’ Handicap 300m – FINAL

Bill Howard Handicap – FINAL

Little Athletics Handicap 400m – FINAL

Stawell Family Central Park Frontmarkers Handicap 400m – FINAL

Little Athletics Handicap 1600m – FINAL